Zeno Connect GG03 Pack for Zeno 5

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  • Zeno 5 UMTS version of a rugged entry level PDA with TI AM3715 Sitara 800 MHz processor, 3.7' screen, QWERTY keyboard, SirfStartIV GPS receiver, internal 3.8G Modem (Voice and Data), IP54 and Windows Emb. handheld 6.5.3 Operating System incl. handstrap, stylus, battery (3.6 Ah) and display foil.
  • GHT55. Pole holder base plate to attach the Zeno 5 to a Leica GNSS Pole
  • GHT63, Clamp arrangement for attaching the GHT62 holder to all poles.
  • GLS13, telescopic aluminium GNSS pole with 5/8" screw. Snap locks at 1.80m and 2.00m. Includes circular bubble
  • GVP706, Soft bag for Zeno 5 GPS handheld for transportation and protection against dirt, including belt loop.
  • GVP703, Softbag
  • GG03. GPS only SmartAntenna with DGPS processing kernel, raw data logging support, L1 only, 1 Hz, upgradeable options.
  • GEB212, Lithium Ion battery, 7.4V / 2.6Ah, chargeable
  • GKL311 Single Charger Prof 3000. Charger for one Li-Ion battery including AC/DC adaptor and cigarette lighter cable
  • GSW1110. Leica Zeno Connect for Zeno 5 is a utility to configure the Leica Smartantennas ansd stream NMEA. Leica Zeno Connect supports Zeno 5
  • RV4001 - USB SnapOn module Connector module with power jack (IP54), Micro USB cable for Leica Zeno 5 rugged PDA.
  • PS1050-G1; Additional Power Supply [UK/EU/USA/AUS] for Zeno rugged PDA (110-240V)