Collector for ArcGIS by Esri

Leica Zeno Connect enables integration between leading GNSS technology with survey-grade as well as mapping grade accuracy into Esri's Collector app. 

Leica Zeno Connect is the easiest and quickest way to ensure your chosen GIS field software solution utilises the most reliable and accurate GNSS data.

Collector App:

Use maps anywhere to ground truth your data, make observations, and respond to events. You'll improve the efficiency of your field workforce and the accuracy of your GIS.

  • Create and configure maps to fit your organization's workflows
  • Improve your data quality with easy-to-use map-driven forms
  • Find places, plan routes, and get directions
  • Take your maps and data offline and sync your collected information once reconnected
  • Capture and share photos and videos
  • Track and report areas you visited
  • Display your data in Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS


gamtec = Clean Shoes

There are any number of reasons to use a laser to extend the reach of your asset collection workflow . Maybe you are collecting assets in a dense urban environment...

...or maybe you just want to have clean shoes.