These gamtec packages include a Zeno 20 and a Leica DISTO S910 laser distance meter

GNSS Angular Measurement (gamtec) transforms the S910 into a laser designator for the Zeno 20:  If you can hit an asset with the S910’s laser, the Zeno 20 will drop a point on it. 

The DISTO S910 is the most advanced laser distance meter (LDM) available. It features a 300m range, a 4x zoom digital scope with a real-time LCD touchscreen display, and Smartbase -- an integrated bi-axial pivot that the S910 uses to orient the measurements it takes in three-dimensional space.

The S910's map points are accurate to a best-in-class ~30cm from a distance of 100m.

The package includes a S910 Pro Pack and the hardware to fit the Zeno 20 to the included Tri-70 Tripod. Prices for this type of Android GIS Data Collection start at $9,179.00.

To learn more about the S910 visit our DISTO Showroom Site

 Download Zeno 20 Spec Sheet (PDF)

 Download S910 Spec Sheet (PDF)


Build a Package

Zeno 20 handhelds are highly configurable. The Handheld Package offers three variants:

  • Basic: Single Frequency (L1), GPS and GLONASS
Performance: Dual Frequency (L1/L2), GPS
Professional: Dual Frequency (L1/L2), GPS and GLONASS

See the icon grid below for a complete list of Zeno 20 Handheld features.

UMTS: AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.

CDMA: Verizon

  • Leica Zeno20 gamtec Package with TRI200

gamtec = Clean Shoes

There are any number of reasons to use a laser to extend the reach of your asset collection workflow . Maybe you are collecting assets in a dense urban environment...

...or maybe you just want to have clean shoes.

  • <p class="image-left">Apogeetec is the new high precision internal antenna technology built into the Zeno 20. It delivers 5cm accuracy when running dual frequency L1/L2 GNSS.</p>

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    <p class="image-left">Does your application require CM-level accuracy? Upgrade to the <a href="zeno-20-pole-packages">Zeno Pole Pack</a> for cm accuracy with the AS10 external antenna.</p>

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  • The Zeno 20 has a curved back and tapered sides so it fits ergonomically in your hand. The sides of the unit are lined with a soft grip for comfortable use of the tool.

  • Integrated real-time: SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, GAGAN, MSAS)

    Real-time protocols: RTCM 2.x, RTCM 3.0, RTCM 3.1, Leica, CMR, CMR+

    Radio RTK corrections via BT

    Pacific Crest XDL Rover 2

    No cable connection necessary


    The Zeno 20 is the first handheld GIS asset collector to run Android (v4.2).

    Android utilizes the second core in the Zeno 20's 1.5 GHz dual core processor and taps the full 1GB of RAM. The result is faster load and zoom times, more robust data connections, and better WLAN coverage for data correction and data synchronization.

    Run any compatible Android app to turn the Zeno 20 into your mobile office. In addition to Esri's Collector app, you can use productivity apps like Skype, Ansana, even WebEx (just don't let the boss catch you playing Angry Birds in the field.).

  • The Zeno 20 uses the Texas Instruments OMAP 4470 Dual Core platform @ 1.5GHz for unparalleled speed.

    The OMAP 4 platform integrates Texas Instruments’s industry-leading SmartReflex™ 2 technologies to enable high performance at low power. SmartReflex 2 technologies combine intelligent and adaptive silicon, circuit design and software to solve power and performance management challenges at smaller process nodes, enabling sleeker, multimedia-enabled mobile devices with long battery life and less heat dissipation.

  • True hot-swap battery. No shutdown needed. Up to three minutes of backup energy is stored between battery swap.

    Battery Specs:

    • Standby: 50 Days
    • BT Only: 20 Hrs
    • GNSS Only: 8 Hrs
    • GNSS & Modem: 7 Hrs

    The large, 4.7in IPS multi-touch screen (854x480 - FWVGA), features 600+ nits brightness and is made of super-tough Asahi Dragontrail glass.


    The Zeno 20 has an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 67.

    • 1.22m drop rating
    • Operating Temperature: -30°C to +60°C
    • Charging temperature: 0° C to +40° C
    • Storage temperature: -40°C to +70°C
  • The Zeno 20 handheld weighs only 877 grams  → That’s less than a 12” Macbook Air.

    The Zeno 20 has an 8 megapixel camera built into the back. Take a shot and quickly add images to feature attributes right in Zeno Mobile or Esri's Collector app.


  • The Zeno 20 has two 85db speakers, one in the front and one on the back and is equipped with a built in microphone.

  • Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g/n allows you to connect via WiFi (land hotspot) and transfer images instantaneously.

  • The Zeno 20 comes equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 

  • The Zeno 20 touchscreen is made of super durable Asahi Dragontrail glass.

    In addition to making it easier for you switch between the functions, you can use familiar pinch and expand motions on the touchscreen to zoom in or out on maps.


  • That's right: A sixteenth of an inch. Take out a pair of earbuds. Look at how wide the the 1/8" jack is. Now divide that by half.

  • Pointfinder

    The onboard digital camera features a 4x digital zoom "point finder" that shows you where the dot is even if you can't see it with the naked eye. Put the crosshairs on the spot you are measuring to and hit the button. It's that simple.

  • Store measurements and images with measurements associated with them.

  • The Zeno 20's Lithium Ion battery is recharged via a mini-USB. Plug it into the wall for fast charging or, plug it into a computer to charge, update software and export data.

  • Personalize Favorites

    With over 20 functions, chances are you are going to use one or two more than the rest. This Favorites function lets you bookmark your most-used functions on the tabs at the bottom of the touch screen.

How to use the gamtec Packages