The CS25 GNSS Plus tablet is a highly accurate GIS asset collection tool that brings the capabilities of a PC to the field.

The Leica Zeno CS25 GNSS Plus is a GIS asset collector integrated with a rugged (IP65) Windows 7 tablet. It features a dual core 1.6GHz processor, 4GB of RAM, and 128 GB of flash storage that is expandable to 2 TB.

The 7" transflective color touchscreen is easily readable in sunlight and is backlit for low light conditions. The chassis is fully sealed from dust and is water resistant, earning it an IP65 protection rating.

The integrated GNSS antenna and reciever distinguishes the GNSS version from the the C delivers sub-meter to 40cm accuracy with L1+GPS, and is upgradeable to centimeter accuracy in open sky conditions with the L1/L2, GPS+Glonass option. The addition of an AS10 external antenna maintains accuracy in more difficult conditions such as urban canyons or tree cover.

Excellent wireless connectivity is assured with dual GSM antennas. UMTS, CDMA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® are all on board.  

The "all day" battery should be good for eight hours depending variables including processor and screen usage, the temperature, and the age of the battery. When power runs low, hot-swap a second battery and charge the spent one in a vehicle or on your desktop (the second battery and the chargers are included).

Run Zeno Field software for GIS asset collection or use Zeno Connect to run third-party applications like ArcPad. This is a Windows 7 OS (not a mobile version) tablet, so you can run software like FieldGenius or Esri Arc Pad on location instead of in a trailer on a laptop or back at the office on a desktop PC. 

Prices start at $8,265.00.


 Download CS25 Data Sheet (PDF)

 Download GG03 Data Sheet (PDF)

CS25 GNSS Plus with optional AS10 external antenna

Build a Package

Zeno Connect enables the Zeno 20 to run any field software, on either Android or Windows. Or choose to pre-load Zeno Mobile on Android or Zeno Field on Windows.