• ARCGIS Collector and the Leica Zeno 20

    Zeno Collector Pack

    Zeno 20 and ArcGIS: A total and scalable GIS solution

  • Zeno 20 Handheld Packages

    The first handheld GPS to unlock the power of Android

  • Zeno 20 Gamtec Packages

    The worlds fastest handheld GPS combined with the worlds most accurate laser distance measurer

Free Imagery

Every Zeno 20 comes with one year of free access to the Hexagon Imagery Program.

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Zeno Connect

Run Zeno Connect to use any third-party field app, including Esri’s Collector for ArcGIS.

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Zeno 20 Handheld Package

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Zeno 20 Pole Package

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Zeno 20 gamtec Package

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